Thursday, March 24, 2011


I love the Instructables website. Lot's of how-to's on just about everything and lots of fun stuff in general. Plenty of things I wouldn't dare try but some, like the recipes I do. Here's a few shots of a few I tried, with the links to the relating Instructable. I don't want to detail these because the instructions are pretty good as is.

First thing was the Microwave-in-a-mug popcorn, for when you want just a little bit.
Mug microwave popcorn Mug microwave popcorn
This worked great except I won't use a glass mug anymore because it gets screaming hot and stays that way for a long time. The photos are from the first try, as you can see I used too much popcorn so next time I know to use a little less.

Using the same mug (on a different day), I tried the Brownie for one, a "from scratch," single-serve brownie dessert that you can make as gooey as you like.
Microwave brownieMicrowave brownie
It wasn't pretty but it was very good. Definitely a quick fix for a chocolate urge.

I wanted to make thumbprint cookies for Christmas and searched for recipes. The one that looked the best to me were the Miniature Danish Cookies.
Apricot thumbprintApricot thumbprints

These were fun to make. I think I made them smaller than I should have but that just made more cookies, which isn't a bad thing at all. I also made chocolate thumbprints but that was another recipe (found here, minus the mint).

The latest Instructable I tried were the homemade Cadbury-like Creme Eggs.
Chocolate creme eggsSettingHomemade Chocolate Creme EggMmmmm!

Wow, these were awesome! Not an exact match to a Cadbury Creme Egg, but as close as you can get. I made a half batch of the linked recipe and that was about 12 mini eggs. I don't have egg molds so I made them into pops. I don't think it would be difficult at all to work our way through a whole batch, so next time I plan to make the full recipe. I froze a couple of them too, so I can see if they're good once defrosted. I stored the rest in the fridge. They didn't last long!

I have a bunch more Instructables saved as favorites to try sometime so I may have more experiments to post at some point. These were fun and easy, always a plus.

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Blogger Mediterranean kiwi said...

these ideas all look brilliant - what a nice quick way to make something we particularly crave in small quantities, without feeling like we've just blown our calorie intake

3:53 AM  
Blogger recipe finder said...

I just discovered instructables too while looking for recipes. It's good to know you liked them and they turned out for you.

2:26 PM  
Blogger RadioBirdMom said...

Love this post! I'm always wrapping things in chocolate.. nice to have a "real" recipe! :)


6:12 PM  

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