Friday, September 24, 2004

Flavored Popcorn (Italian)

I call this Italian Popcorn simply because I use Italian dressing. I don't make this too often but sometimes it just really hits the spot. It's a nice alternative to having salt & butter, or the *low/no fat versions.

It's just a quickie toss, you need:

lots of fresh popped popcorn in a large bowl
your favorite Italian dressing (the liquid kind)
your favorite (grated) Parmesan and/or Romano cheese
(might taste even better with the fresh version but I've never tried it that way)

Sprinkle some dressing on to the popcorn and toss it a bit to coat. Sprinkle some of the cheese and toss again.

Some of the popcorn might dissolve a bit when pouring on the dressing, use it sparingly. You need just enough on some of the pieces so the cheese will cling to it (using more or less depending on how you like it).

Eat and enjoy!


*For the no fat version, simply replace the dressing with butter (or olive oil) flavor non-stick cooking spray (lightly spray the freshly popped corn), and replace the cheese with powdered Italian (or Ranch, or any other flavor you like) dressing/seasoning mix (after spraying, sprinkle some of the mix and toss).


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